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          When a medication is released into the market, people often wonder if there is a generic version of the drug. The reason behind the inquiry into a generic is because typically a generic version would be much less expensive yet essentially be the same actual medication. In the case of Qnexa, because it is a combination of two already existing medications on the market one may wonder if one could simply obtain a prescription for both Phentermine and Topiramate then take them together. Well this is an intriguing question but it may not be that simple.
          A generic medication is one that does not have a patented name attached to it. An example would be the brand name Tylenol. Tylenol is the registered trademarked name but this medication is acetaminophen. You can also buy various generic versions of the pain reliever acetaminophen. Essentially they are the same or within an acceptable range or bioequivalence. Typically a patented name for a drug has a 7 to 12 year life span once it is FDA approved before a generic can be manufactured. As a result, Generic Qnexa would still be composed of the same drugs that make up the name brand Qnexa but not actually be available until several years later at least not in most countries.
          There are some countries that do not abide by international trademark and patent rules with medications. These countries could start to manufacture generic Qnexa almost immediately. Where the brand name Qnexa would have a possible advantage over a generic Qnexa would be in the name brand recognition as well as perhaps a special release formulation that may not be found in all generic versions.
          So would there be any reason why a doctor could not simply prescribe the combination of Phentermine and Topiramate to their patient? A reason could be the liability and safety of it. Why choose two generic versions that do not have the same release/ absorption formulation when there is already a proven system in Qnexa. There could be some red tape that one could be caught up in for doing so. Also it is dependant on just how far reaching Qnexa's patent is. These issues will be made known if Qnexa is ever approved for public use. Read More regarding
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