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          Many people have written asking if they can buy Qsymia (Qnexa) from somewhere. Seeing the results in numerous tests can confirm that Qsymia (Qnexa) does indeed appear to work unlike any other product that exists for weight loss. Many patients have lost in the area of 10% to 15% of their bodyweight over a years period during many of the testing phases. Some have lost even more. There have even been some television news clips showing a person or two in the testing phases who have become seriously thankful for the ability to at least be included in the trials. Obesity has become one of the developed worlds plagues. The reasoning is somewhat debatable and not always as easy as the so-called cure of diet and exercise claim many doctors.

          The issue also becomes that a by-product of obesity is simply not just an issue of looks, it is a serious health hazard responsible for many different sicknesses and diseases including heart attack, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, stroke, osteoarthritis, metal health issues, stress on joints such as knees and ankles etc. One can only then imagine the ramifications these issues have not only on an individual suffering from these but also for others either dependant on them, such as children, or those having to help take care of them. Other issues such as the work productivity hindrances an obese individual may have. Often they have more sick days and health problems. The health care industry is inundated with obesity related illnesses. Now while the US health care system is comprised of independent businesses, it still ends up costing people a lot and I mean a lot of money. For nations such as Canada, UK, and most other nations with a public health care system, their funding comes from taxes. So everyone ends up paying more money and the health care system under incredible strain trying to cope with the increase in obesity related illnesses.
          When one looks at the reasons as to why obesity has climbed and is continuing to climb it sounds simple but the solutions not quit the same. Generally what makes one gain weight is consuming more calories than burning. One would then conclude that you need to limit your caloric intake to less than what you are burning and all would be great. So while this is true, it doesn't come across that easy for millions of people and as a result the above health hazards afflict them. You don't have to look too far for reasons. Our society loves the quick dinners, deserts, soda's and often consume more food then they realize they actually need. Combine this with a more sedentary lifestyle than in previous generations thus leading to a lack of exercise and it equals what we face today.
Education too remains something that can always be improved upon. I run into far too many people who think they are eating fairly well only to find out the truth and their jaw drops in disbelieve as to how fatty or sugary something really is.
          One area of real concern is children. The habits you form as a youngster often carry forth into adulthood. If children are allowed to watch TV, play video games, be on the computer for hours a day, combined with eating lots of things like candy bars, chips, fat filled microwave snacks, it is inevitable where they will end up when they are older. Now while this is true for many, there are sometimes other health issues that can contribute to obesity that are not as easy to curb. While the numbers are low, people who have Cushing's disease have a condition where their pituitary gland releases far too much ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) or cortisol. One of the results is obesity, often even for those who are strictly watching what they eat and getting moderate exercise. But don't be quick to jump on this idea that you have this disease if you can't seem to lose weight, there is much more to it than this. Other physical handicaps can also contribute to the difficulty of obtaining adequate exercise. But this is not what most face and this is not the reason our society is generally becoming fat.

          So regardless of why, the fact that obesity is damaging so many people and others as a result, begs the question of what can be done to alleviate it where diet and exercise are seemingly not doing the trick. Along with other medical procedures, such as gastric bypass, this is why diet medications are being created. While researchers have come up with drugs to fight obesity, the big question is the side effects and making sure they are proven safe enough to be accepted for the masses. This is why they have come under the microscope so meticulously. Due to these side effects and the power of such drugs like Qnexa, if it is approved, it will only be available after a medical doctor provides a prescription believing that your health is in jeopardy and Qnexa would be favorable to you. You will first have to visit a doctor in order to obtain a prescription. As of the time of this writing it is not available, but this doesn't mean it may not be soon. Stay tuned to the main page of this site for updated information. On a different note, due to some medical loopholes, the fact that Phentermine and Topiramate are already approved medications that can infact be prescribed by a doctor, it is possible that a doctor may prescribe both of these drugs to a patient. However, Qnexa is a defined mixture of these other two drugs and they are in varying sustained formulations, this may stop some doctors from creating their own concoctions. But, while many look to prematurely purchase Qnexa, some doctors may be able to combine the two already, but the fact remains it is a serious medication and side effects are a real part of medications so it is imperative that you visit your doctor about any questions or concerns you have. I also cannot confirm if a doctor will do this or not for you. There could be regulations and governing bodies that prevent it in some locations/countries etc. 
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